The 1st Inner Mongolia International Horse Culture Expo will be held from Aug. 18 to Aug. 28 next year in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, according to the press conference on Nov. 2 in Beijing. In addition to horse-themed forums, a horse culture exhibition, and horse-riding performances, there will be a string of equestrian sports performed at the expo, including sprints and endurance races.

Designed to promote participation in horse-racing events, the expo will offer visitors a fun and immersive horse-racing experience on the grassland, showcasing the natural relationship that has developed between horse culture and competitive sports.

Inner Mongolian is considered to have one of the most abundant indigenous variety of horse species in China and even in the world. The pristine grasslands of Hulunbuir, Xilin Gol, and Ordos are perfect examples of the incomparable geographical advantage the region has for growing pasture grass and breeding horses. There is an estimated total of 935,000 horses in Inner Mongolia, which accounts for 15.6% of the horses in China.

Inner Mongolians have long been known as a people who live on horseback. The history of Inner Mongolians and horses is of long standing. Inner Mongolia wishes to take this expo as an opportunity to brand its horse culture and build a horse-related business eco-chain to the rest of the world.