The Chinese embassy in Algeria on Tuesday alerted Chinese citizens in the North African country to take further safety precautions following a recent fatal robbery of a Chinese citizen.

The embassy said in a statement on its official website that a Chinese company employee was robbed and died from knife injures Sunday afternoon at the region of Dalbeda in Algiers.

The head of the Consular Department of the Chinese embassy on Tuesday visited the Algiers Police Headquarters and the police station in Dalbeda to express serious concerns about the incident, while requiring the Algerian police to make every effort to capture the murderer, it said.

Chinese Ambassador Yang Guangyu planned to meet with officials of Algerian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday to urge them to attach greater importance to the safety of Chinese citizens and companies in Algeria and take practical measures to ensure their security, the statement said.

The statement revealed that several provinces in Algeria recently have witnessed several cases of armed robberies and burglaries against Chinese companies and personnel, resulting in varying degrees of personal injures and property damages.

The embassy urged Chinese companies and citizens in Algeria to raise their awareness of safety and take further preventive measures.