The ongoing China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai has provided an opportunity for Latin American countries to boost their presence in the increasingly important Chinese market.

A total of 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries including Peru, Argentina, Jamaica and Chile are taking part in country exhibitions at the second CIIE running from Nov. 5 to 10.

From avocado, quinoa and coffee to textile, biomedicine and tourism products, Latin American countries brought a rich line of unique and quality products and services, which they hope to sell to China's 1.4 billion people.

"We are promoting Peruvian alpaca fiber to the world, and China is a very important market," said Mario Eduardo Ocharan Casabona, director of exports promotion of Promoperu.

Highlighting the success of the free trade agreement signed between Peru and China in 2009, Ocharan said his country would seize new opportunities created by China's higher-level opening-up.

Besides Blue Mountain coffee, Jamaica expects to attract more visitors with its rum, lobsters and tourist services.

"China's opening-up provides a good chance for small and medium-sized countries to enter a huge market and diversify their economies," said Diane Edwards, president of the Jamaica Promotions Corporation.

Edwards praised China's position of upholding free trade and building a fairer international order, saying that an international system based on clear and fair rules is necessary for the development of small countries.

The second CIIE has attracted the participation of 155 countries and 26 international organizations. Nearly 3,900 companies are taking part in business exhibitions.

Exhibitors from El Salvador and Dominica are also present at the expo with their coffee, chocolate and yellow amber.

Salvador Gomez Gochez, president of Salvadoran exports and investment promotion agency, said protectionism has no future in the new era, as mankind has the same development goals in the age of globalization.

Since it established diplomatic ties with China last year, the Central American country has seen a robust growth in its exports to China, with coffee topping the list.

"The Chinese market offers us the best ever opportunity," he said.