Disney cartoon characters interact with visitors at the Shanghai Disney Resort. [Photo by Yin Liqin/For China Daily]

Shanghai Disney Resort said on Wednesday it has officially implemented its new food policy and adjusted security screening procedures to provide visitors with a more pleasant experience.

The resort, which opened in June 2016, was recently embroiled in a public debate over its no-outside-food policy and stringent security check procedures that some have deemed intrusive.

Effective immediately, visitors can now bring outside food and beverages into Shanghai Disneyland for consumption as long as these items do not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control and do not have pungent odors.

In a statement sent to China Daily, the resort listed food items that are prohibited, which include but not limited to: instant noodles that require hot water, food kept in containers with reheating capabilities and durian.

Alcoholic beverages, cans and glassware will still be prohibited, with the exception of small baby food jars.

The company said that while guests are welcome to enjoy their own food and beverages at designated picnic areas throughout the park, they must adhere to the city's waste sorting regulations and help maintain a clean and tidy park environment.

For guests who inadvertently arrive at the park with prohibited items, the park said that it offers daily storage for a charge of 10 yuan ($1.4) per item.

The resort has also updated its security screening procedures.

For instance, guests are encouraged to open their own bags and remove any flagged items. The resort said it is also seeking ways to utilize new equipment like X-ray machines to support security screening in the future.

The resort emphasized that going through security screening upon entry is in "accordance with relevant laws and by government directive". It noted its employees conducting the checks are certified by relevant government authorities.