A seminar on integrated education reform of Luohu district was held at Luohu Primary School on June 6.

The seminar, focused on the integration of standard education with education for disabled children, was hosted by the institute of education science of Luohu district, and co-organized by the Shenzhen's care association for the families with mentally disabled person and Luohu Primary School.

In the seminar, experts including Xu Jiacheng, deputy chairman of the council of the China Association of Rehabilitation for Disabled, summarized Luohu's experience in promoting integrated education, and proposed suggestions on the construction of a support system for education integration.

The seminars also held sub-forums for headmasters and teachers. Liu Feng, headmaster of Sungang Primary School, and Li Guoping, headmaster of Binhe Primary School, shared their respective experience in promoting education integration at the sub-forum for headmasters.

Several teachers from schools in Luohu district shared what they had learned from previous cases of education integration at the sub-forum for teachers.

On the sidelines of the seminar, Chen Libin, a researcher in special education with the institute of education science of Luohu district, said a research project was started on the support system for education integration in public schools.

In the future, schools in Luohu will gradually promote integrated education according to an education reform plan that is to be released by the district's education authority.