Elva Hsiao pictured in 2012 [File photo/]

Taiwan-based singer Elva Hsiao has publicly denied a rash of rumors claiming that she has the HIV virus.

A number of media outlets recently suggested that Hsiao suspended her showbiz career due to active treatment for the HIV virus.

But the singer released a statement on her microblog Weibo account denouncing the reports as false. "I just laughed at the rumors, but when the AIDS rumor came back at me again on Mother's Day, I felt it will hurt not only me but also my beloved mother. "

She said that, standing up for her mother, she will try to uncover the source of the rumor and sue for libel, with help from her legal team.

Hsiao revealed in her statement that she has experienced problems with her throat, stomach and vomiting in the past year. "My doctor said I need time to heal and recover," she said. "So I have to be patient and try to get my health back and then I can perform for you again. Thank you, fans, for supporting me, and don't worry about me."

The 39-year-old singer and actress disappeared for one year from the concert and recording scene without statement, which prompted the start of the rumors. She had previously been active since 1999, releasing hit albums such as "Elva Hsiao," "Red Rose," "Tomorrow" and "Theme Song of Love, Kissing," as well as starring in the film "Infernal Affairs." In 2001, she won the award for best-selling Chinese artist at the World Music Awards.